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To improve the economic, social and cultural status of rural communities and enhance their skills and self-management capacity.

To unite rural communities without any prejudices or discrimination, spurring them to action for the upliftment of the social, cultural and economic life of all.

To work for uplifting the poor and village children for their all around development.

To encourage them for Education and self independence.

To encourage them for moral responsibilities and nationalization.

To develop the qualities of music, art and Literature in them and educate them.

To Arrange training programmes in rural and urban areas, to educate modern computers techniques and typing, and basic education,

To Arrange & conduct programmes for the Women & Child development and get connected them to the different government polocies.

To conduct programmes for the campaigning of primary, secondary, and higher secondary education & college and technical education in rural and urban areas.

To help poor children in their education, encourage them to go for the schools and arrange books for them.

To establish old age homes, orphanages, adult education centres for orphans and old aged people and to help and educate handicapped too.

To arrangement of teaching Indian languages like : Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Pharsi.

To run family counseling center and to Working for motherhood and Child Welfare. and eradicating prostitution.

To conduct programmes for the awareness of the harmful diseases and Aids. and To aware people for the family planning and for the human health.

To run environmental awareness programmes, and to prevent trees, Nurseries and to train them for preventing soil and how to fertile the barren land.

Working for national unity and Cultural activities to disseminate propaganda by Theatre.

To run programmes for health, education and cultural development and held the free Eye camps.

Participation in the play schemes run by Central and state government and organise the public interest activities programme with government.


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